The conference starts Monday morning and ends on Friday evening. Wednesday morning will consist of a special session dedicated to the celebration of Franz Halter-Koch's 70th birthday. Wednesday afternoon will be free; we offer an excursion. There will be a number of plenary talks by invited speakers. Moreover, there will be contributed talks (20 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions and discussion).

You can download the conference booklet and a schedule of the scientific program. Some of the speakers have made their slides available for download. The slides are linked below. In addition, you can download the slides for the Wednesday morning talks dedicated to Franz Halter-Koch on the occasion of his 70th birthday by S. T. Chapman, A Tribute to the Work and Career of Professor Franz Halter-Koch and A. Geroldinger, Franz Halter-Koch's Contributions to Factorization Theory: The Story of a New Idea.

Plenary Speakers

Contributed Talks

  • Phạm Ngọc Ánh (Rényi Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary),
    A generalization of Clifford's theorem,
  • Ayman Badawi (American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates),
    On the dot product graph of a commutative ring,
  • Nicholas R. Baeth (University of Central Missouri, USA),
    Factorization theory in noncommutative settings,
  • Paul Baginski (Fairfield University, USA),
    New Developments for the Plus-Minus Davenport Constant,
  • Silvana Bazzoni (Universita' di Padova, Italy),
    Homological epimorphisms of rings with weak global dimension one and the telescope conjecture,
  • Driss Bennis (Mohammed V-Agdal University, Morocco),
    On homological dimensions relative to a weakly Wakamatsu tilting module,
  • Geoffrey Booth (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa),
    On Primeness and Ideals in Near-Rings of Homogeneous Functions,
  • Jean-Luc Chabert (Université de Picardie, France),
    About number fields with Pólya group of order $\leq 2$,
  • Gyu Whan Chang (Incheon National University, Korea),
    Locally GCD domains and the ring $D+XD_S[X]$,
  • Kálmán Cziszter (Budapest Business School, Hungary),
    A new connection between additive number theory and invariant theory,
  • Marco D'Anna (Università di Catania, Italy),
    Ring and semigroup constructions,
  • Mátyás Domokos (Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary),
    On the Noether number of finite groups,
  • Carmelo Antonio Finocchiaro (Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy),
    Topological considerations on semistar operations,
  • Stefania Gabelli (Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy),
    One-dimensional stable domains,
  • Evan Houston (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA),
    Star Regularity for Noetherian Domains,
  • I-Chiau Huang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan),
    Extensions of Tangent Cones,
  • Byung Gyun Kang (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea),
    Krull dimensions and unique factorization in Hurwitz polynomial rings,
  • Abdul Nadim Khan (Aligarh Muslim University, India),
    An engel condition with generalized derivations in rings,
  • Hwankoo Kim (Hoseo University, Korea),
    Piecewise $w$-Noetherian domains and their applications,
  • Ulrich Krause (University of Bremen, Germany),
    Atomic decay in domains and monoids,
  • Łukasz Kubat (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland),
    Structure and representations of plactic algebras,
  • Thomas Lucas (University of North Carolina Charlotte, USA),
    Lobal Properties of Integral Domains,
  • László Márki (Rényi Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary),
    Commutative orders in semigroups,
  • Reza Naghipour (University of Tabriz, Iran),
    On the quintasymptotic prime ideals,
  • Mara D. Neusel (Texas Tech University, USA),
    Vector Invariants and Hilbert Ideals,
  • Christopher O'Neill (Texas A&M University, USA),
    How do you measure primality?,
  • Giulio Peruginelli (Universita' di Padova, Italy),
    Fixed divisor of polynomials over matrices,
  • Maciej Radziejewski (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland),
    Semigroup subsets defined by factorization-related properties,
  • Roswitha Rissner (Graz University of Technology, Austria),
    Null ideal of a matrix,
  • Luigi Salce (University of Padova, Italy),
    Products of elementary and idempotent matrices over integral domains,
  • Monireh Sedghi (Azarbijan Shahid Madani University, Iran),
    On the cofiniteness of local cohomology modules,
  • Fouad Taraza (Mohammed V-Agdal University, Morocco),
    On an extension of the classical zero divisor graph,
  • Francesca Tartarone (Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy),
    When Bhargava rings are P$v$MD,
  • Denise Torrão (Universidade de Évora, Portugal),
    Sets of positive integers closed under product and the number of decimal digits,
  • Salvatore Tringali (École Polytechnique, France),
    Seminormed structures and factorization systems,
  • Arunachalam Umamaheswaran (Periyar University, India),
    $C$-Gorenstein $\mathcal{X}$-projective, $\mathcal{X}$-injective and $\mathcal{X}$-flat Modules,
  • Alberto Vigneron-Tenorio (University of Cádiz, Spain),
    Computing some families of Cohen-Macaulay, Gorenstein and Buchsbaum semigroups,
  • Roger Wiegand (University of Nebraska–Lincoln, USA),
    Direct-sum decompositions of modules over one-dimensional local rings,
  • Sylvia Wiegand (University of Nebraska–Lincoln, USA),
    Prime ideals in quotients of mixed polynomial-power series rings,
  • Naser Zamani (University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Iran),
    On finiteness of certain graded Ext-modules.
  • Paolo Zanardo (University of Padova, Italy),
    Fully inert subgroups of Abelian groups.