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Open Problems

First status seminar of the SFB
November 5-7, 2008, Schloß Röthelstein


The final program of the status seminar can be downloaded here (PDF).


You can download some of the presentations given at the status seminar:

Presenter Title
Augustin Domain Decomposition Based Solvers for the Simulation of Arteries
Bredies Using active contours for yeast cell segmentation
Chamakuri Second order numerical solution for optimal control of reaction-diffusion systems in electrophysiology
Clason Parallel MRI as a bilinear optimization problem
Engleder Magnetic Induction Tomography: Mathematical Model and Boundary Element Methodsm
Eriksson 3D constitutive modeling of the passive heart wall
Hofer DCE-MRI tumor registration by using TV-L1 optical flow - IMPOSSIBLE?
Keeling An image space approach to Cartesian based parallel MR imaging with total variation regularization
Knoll Towards real time MR imaging: Data acquisition strategies and image reconstruction
Liebmann Algebraic Multigrid Methods on Graphics Processing Units
Neumayer Quantification of DCE data without an Arterial Input Function
Phan Xuan Boundary and Finite Element Methods for Dirichlet Boundary Control Problems
Rocha Improving Numerical Techniques for the Solution of the Cardiac Bidomain Equations

Open Problems

A list of open problems discussed at the seminar can be downloaded here (PDF).


A picture gallery of the status seminar will appear here. Send your pictures to Melanie Moser!

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