This seminar features a mix of guests and local researchers as speakers. All talks are Thursday 15:15 – 16:45 (SR 11.34), unless specified otherwise.

To enable participants from around the world to take part in our seminar we continue to stream the seminar. You may use the following link to join the seminar through your web browser (BigBlueButton/uniMeet).

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Winter Semester 2023/24

05.10.2023 (The talk had to be cancelled because of the instability of the internet connection.) Alireza Naghipour (Shahrekord University, Iran): Integer-valued polynomials over upper triangular matrix rings
12.10.2023 Martin Kalck (University of Graz): Matrix factorizations
19.10.2023 online Matyas Domokos (Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics, Hungary): On the interaction between zero-sum theory and the invariant theory of abelian groups
26.10.2023 Holiday
2.11.2023 Fenstertag
9.11.2023 Zahra Nazemian (University of Graz): Monoids with infinite sums.
16.11.2023 Salvatore Tringali (Hebei Normal University, China): On the isomorphism problem for power semigroups.
23.11.2023 Andreas Reinhart (University of Graz): Orders in real quadratic number fields for which the minimum of the set of distances is greater than one.
30.11.2023 online Balint Rago (University of Graz):  On transfer Krull orders in global fields.
7.12.2023 (The talk had to be cancelled.)Qinghai Zhong (University of Graz): Sequences over Groups: The Isomorphism Problem and the Characterization Problem.
14.12.2023 Daniel Windisch (Graz University of Technology): TBA
11.01.2024 Roswitha Rissner (University of Klagenfurt): Matrix-rank approaches to factorization problems in rings of integer-valued polynomials.
18.01.2024 Laura Cossu (University of Graz): TBA
25.01.2024 Aqsa Bashir (University of Graz): Cross numbers in factorization theory.

Summer Semester 2023

16.3.2023 Amr Al-Maktry (Graz University of Technology): On a group of vector-polynomial permutations
23.3.2023 Savio Ribas (Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil): Zero-sum problems over non-abelian groups
30.3.2023 online 16:00-16:45 Salvatore Tringali (Hebei Normal University, China): Power monoids and a proof of the Bienvenu-Geroldinger conjecture
20.4.2023 Aihua Li (Montclair University, USA): New Roles of an Old Puzzle - The Magic Square of Squares Problem
27.4.2023 Felix Gotti (MIT, USA): On the Ascent of Atomicity
4.5.2023 Hans-Peter Schröcker (University of Innsbruck): Mechanisms from Algebra – The First Decade of Motion Factorization
11.5.2023 Daniel Windisch (TU Graz): On local divisor class groups of complete intersections
24.5.2023 (Wednesday!, 9:30–11:00, SR 11.32) Benjamin Hackl (Uni Graz): Uncovering a Random Tree with Generating Functions
1.6.2023 Salvatore Tringali (Hebei Normal University, China): On power monoids and their automorphisms
15.6.2023 Victor Fadinger (University of Graz): Prescribed lengths of factorizations of integer-valued polynomials on Krull domains with prime elements
22.6.2023 Gülsen Ulucak (Gebze Technical University, Turkey): A new generalization of prime ideals

Winter Semester 2022/23

12.10.2022 13:15-14:45 SR 11.34 Salvatore Tringali (Hebei Normal University, China): Premons and factorization under local finiteness conditions
20.10.2022 Pavel Příhoda (Charles University, Prague): Pure projective torsion free modules
27.10.2022 Daniel Smertnig (University of Graz): A noncommutative finitely presented atomic domain without ACCP
03.11.2022 Daniel Windisch (Graz University of Technology): Integer-valued polynomials on DVRs of global fields with prescribed lengths of factorizations
10.11.2022 no seminar
17.11.2022 online Martina Juhnke (University of Osnabrück): Alexander Duals of Symmetric Simplicial Complexes and Stanley-Reisner Ideals
24.11.2022 Florian Russold(Graz University of Technology): Persistent sheaf cohomology
01.12.2022 online Pierre Bienvenue (Trinity College, Dublin): Power monoid of numerical monoids
15.12.2022 Andreas Reinhart (University of Graz) : Valuation ideal factorization domains and similar concepts
12.01.2023 Zahra Nazemian (University of Graz): On Poisson Hopf algebras
19.01.2023 Cesar Ceballos (Graz University of Technology): Diagonal harmonics and the q,t-Catalan numbers

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