This is an archived list of talks in our research seminar in previous years. Current seminar program.

Winter Semester 2022/23

12.10.2022 13:15-14:45 SR 11.34 Salvatore Tringali (Hebei Normal University, China): Premons and factorization under local finiteness conditions
20.10.2022 Pavel Příhoda (Charles University, Prague): Pure projective torsion free modules
27.10.2022 Daniel Smertnig (University of Graz): A noncommutative finitely presented atomic domain without ACCP
03.11.2022 Daniel Windisch (Graz University of Technology): Integer-valued polynomials on DVRs of global fields with prescribed lengths of factorizations
10.11.2022 no seminar
17.11.2022 online Martina Juhnke (University of Osnabrück): Alexander Duals of Symmetric Simplicial Complexes and Stanley-Reisner Ideals
24.11.2022 Florian Russold(Graz University of Technology): Persistent sheaf cohomology
01.12.2022 online Pierre Bienvenue (Trinity College, Dublin): Power monoid of numerical monoids
15.12.2022 Andreas Reinhart (University of Graz) : Valuation ideal factorization domains and similar concepts
12.01.2023 Zahra Nazemian (University of Graz): On Poisson Hopf algebras
19.01.2023 Cesar Ceballos (Graz University of Technology): Diagonal harmonics and the q,t-Catalan numbers

Summer Semester 2022

3.3.2022 HS 11.02 John Schmitt (Fulbright-Nawi Graz Visiting Professor): Additive Combinatorics and Polynomial Methods
10.3.2022 Daniel Windisch (Graz University of Technology): Prime divisors in class groups of affine monoid algebras
17.3.2022 Victor Fadinger (University of Graz): Weakly Krull monoid algebras and their arithmetic
24.3.2022 Erhard Aichinger (Johannes Kepler University Linz): Generalizing the Chevalley-Warning Theorem to abelian groups using Frechet's functional equation
31.3.2022 online Mattia Brescia (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II): On cyclic automorphisms of a group
7.4.2022 Charles Beil (University of Graz): Dimer quivers on surfaces and the Koszul complex
28.4.2022 online Qinghai Zhong (University of Graz): Monoids of weighted zero-sum sequences
5.5.2022 John Schmitt (Fulbright-Nawi Graz Visiting Professor): Higher degree Davenport constants over finite commutative rings
12.5.2022 Michael Wibmer (Graz University of Technology): Matzat's conjecture in differential Galois theory
19.5.2022 11:00-12:00 SR 11.34 Ana Garcia Elsner (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina): Unitary friezes
19.5.2022 Event in Graz: Celebrating Women in Mathematics see this link for more information
2.6.2022 14:15-15:15 Joan Bosa (University of Zaragoza, Spain): The realization problem for von Neumann regular rings
15:30-16:30 Roozbeh Hazrat (Western Sydney University, Australia): Sandpile models and Leavitt algebras
9.6.2022 online Felix Gotti (MIT, USA): On Atomic Domains not Satisfying the ACCP
23.6.2022 Sophie Frisch (Graz University of Technology): The stable rank of rings of integer-valued polynomials
30.6.2022 16:15-17:45 HS 11.01 Victor Fadinger (University of Graz): PhD-Defense

Winter Semester 2021/22

7.10.2021 Victor Fadinger (University of Graz): The non-axiomatizability of systems of sets of lengths I
14.10.2021 Daniel Windisch (Graz University of Technology): The non-axiomatizability of systems of sets of lengths II
21.10.2021 Azeem M. Khadam (University of Graz): Ideals in a polynomial ring
28.10.2021 Daniel Vitas (University of Ljubljana): L'vov-Kaplansky conjecture and its variations
11.11.2021 Zahra Nazemian (University of Graz): BF-property for some class of noetherian domains
18.11.2021 Qinghai Zhong (University of Graz): On product-one sequences with congruence conditions over dihedral groups
25.11.2021 Andreas Reinhart (University of Graz): Factorization into OA-ideals
2.12.2021 16:00-17:00 Salvatore Tringali (Hebei Normal University, China): Factorization spaces (with a focus on their elasticity)
9.12.2021 Andreas Reinhart (University of Graz): On transfer Krull monoids
16.12.2021 15:15-16:15 Daniel Krenn (University of Salzburg): Decidability of the asymptotics of $k$-regular sequences
13.1.2022 Dario Spirito (University of Udine): Derived set-like constructions in commutative algebra
20.1.2022 17:15-18:15 John Voight (Dartmouth College, USA): Stickelberger's discriminant theorem for algebras
24.1.2022 14:00-14:30 Azeem M. Khadam (University of Graz): Secant and Tangential varieties of toric varieties

Summer Semester 2021

28.7.2021 Aihua Li (Montclair State University): Symbolic Powers of Radical Ideals
4.3.2021 Pierre-Yves Bienvenu (Max-Planck Institut für Mathematik, Bonn): Linear equations in subsets of the primes I
11.3.2021 Pierre-Yves Bienvenu (Max-Planck Institut für Mathematik, Bonn): Linear equations in subsets of the primes II
18.3.2021 Christian Elsholtz (TU Graz): Sums of unit fractions
25.3.2021 Christian Elsholtz (TU Graz): Improved cap constructions, and sets without arithmetic progressions
15.4.2021 Victor Fadinger (University of Graz): On product-one sequences
22.4.2021 Qinghai Zhong (University of Graz): A characterization of length-factorial Krull monoids
29.4.2021 Wolfgang A. Schmid (University of Paris 8): Monoids of weighted zero-sum sequences over finite abelian groups and applications to factorizations of norms of algebraic integers
6.5.2021 Charles Beil (University of Graz): Quivers on surfaces: an interplay between algebra, topology, and geometry I
20.5.2021 Charles Beil (University of Graz): Quivers on surfaces: an interplay between algebra, topology, and geometry II
27.5.2021 Igor Klep (University of Ljubljana): Factorization of noncommutative polynomials and Nullstellensätze for the free algebra
10.6.2021 Casper Barendrecht (University of Graz) Shafarevich-Tate groups for certain modular abelian varieties
17.6.2021 Laura Cossu (University of Graz): An abstract factorization theorem and some applications to idempotent factorizations
24.6.2021 16:00-16:45 Günter Lettl (University of Graz): Atoms of completely integrally closed submonoids of ℤ2
17:00-17:30 Christian Elsholtz (TU Graz): Fermat’s Last Theorem implies Euclid’s infinitude of primes
28.7.2021 Aihua Li (Montclair State University, USA): Symbolic Powers of Radical Ideals

Winter Semester 2020/21

8.10.2020 Chimere Anabanti (TU Graz): P-free sets in finite groups
15.10.2020 Qinghai Zhong (University of Graz): A realization theorem for systems of sets of lengths
22.10.2020 Aqsa Bashir (University of Graz): On a zero-sum problem arising from factorization theory
29.10.2020 Daniel Smertnig (University of Graz): Monoids of modules over Bass rings and graph agglomerations (background)
5.11.2020 Daniel Smertnig (University of Graz): Monoids of modules over Bass rings and graph agglomerations
12.11.2020 Victor Fadinger (University of Graz): A characterization of weakly Krull monoid algebras
19.11.2020 Amr Al-Maktry (TU Graz): On the group of unit-valued polynomial functions
26.11.2020 Daniel Windisch (TU Graz): Prüfer domains and the absolute irreducibility of binomial polynomials (background)
03.12.2020 Daniel Windisch (TU Graz): Prüfer domains and the absolute irreducibility of binomial polynomials
17.12.2020 15:15 – 17:00 Andreas Reinhart (University of Graz): Stable domains and their arithmetic
14.1.2021 16:00 – 16:45 David J. Grynkiewicz (University of Memphis, USA): The characterization of finite elasticities in Krull domains and Transfer Krull monoids
21.1.2021 16:00 – 17:00 Zahra Nazemian (University of Murcia, Spain): Rings and modules with chain conditions up to isomorphism
28.1.2021 16:00 – 16:45 Jason Bell (University of Waterloo, Canada): A transcendental dynamical degree

Summer Semester 2020

5.3.2020 Roswitha Rissner (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt): Associated prime ideals of I^n with n ∈ ℕ
12.3.2020 cancelled
19.3.2020 cancelled
26.3.2020 cancelled
30.4.2020 Laura Cossu (University of Padova): Idempotent factorization of matrices over integral domains (1)
7.5.2020 Laura Cossu (University of Padova): Idempotent factorization of matrices over integral domains (2)
14.5.2020 Daniel Windisch (TU Graz): The Multiplicative Arithmetic of Ultraproducts
28.5.2020 Sophie Frisch (TU Graz): Interpolation, p-adic approximation and other facts indicating that the stable rank of the ring of integer-valued polynomials is 2.
4.6.2020 M. Azeem Khadam (GC University Lahore): Local Bézout inequalities
18.6.2020 Sarah Nakato (TU Graz): Absolutely irreducible integer-valued polynomials on a principal ideal domain
25.6.2020 Nicholas Baeth (Franklin & Marshall College, USA): Factorization in upper triangular matrices over semirings
23.7.2020 Daniel Windisch (TU Graz), Victor Fadinger (KFU Graz): Definability of subrings

Winter Semester 2019/20

10.10.2019 Daniel Smertnig: A characterization of noncommutative rational Pólya series (1)
17.10.2019 Daniel Smertnig: A characterization of noncommutative rational Pólya series (2)
24.10.2019 15:15 – 16:15 Jaitra Chattopadhyay (Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad): Biquadratic fields having a non-principal Euclidean ideal class 16:15 – 17:15 Japhet Odjoumani (Université d'Abomey-Calavi, Benin): On Pell Factoriangular numbers
Mi 30.10.2019 16:00 – 17:30, HS 11.03, Aqsa Bashir: An introduction to stable domains
Mi 6.11.2019 16:45 – 18:15, SR 11.34, Japhet Odjoumani (Université d'Abomey-Calavi, Benin): Solving quartic Thue equations by using Tzanakis's method
14.11.2019 Andreas Reinhart: On factorization into valuation elements (1)
21.11.2019 Andreas Reinhart: On factorization into valuation elements (2)
28.11.2019 Jianrong Li: Introduction to representation theory of quantum affine algebras
5.12.2019 Jianrong Li: Quantum affine algebras and Grassmannians
12.12.2019 Ana Garcia Elsener: Frieze mutations
9.1.2020 Charlie Beil: Nonnoetherian algebraic geometry: quivers on hyperbolic surfaces (1)
16.1.2020 No seminar: Talks concerning open professor position at IMSC (HS 11.02.10:30 - 17:00)
23.1.2020 Charlie Beil: Nonnoetherian algebraic geometry: quivers on hyperbolic surfaces (2)
Mi 29.1.2020 15:15 – 16:45, SR 11.34, Qinghai Zhong: On product-one sequences over dihedral groups (1)
30.1.2020 Qinghai Zhong: On product-one sequences over dihedral groups (2)

Summer Semester 2019

7.3.2019 Charlie Beil: What is a cluster algebra? (HS 11.02)
14.3.2019 Dusko Bogdanic: Maximal Cohen-Macaulay approximations
28.3.2019 Jordan McMahon: Higher tilting theory of type A
4.4.2019 15:15 – 16:00 Nick Williams (University of Leicester): Higher analogues of Grassmannian clusters
16:15 – 17:00 Fabian Lenzen (München): Braid group actions on category O
25.4.2019 Isobel Webster (University of Leeds): A lattice isomorphism theorem for cluster groups of type A
2.5.2019 cancelled
9.5.2019 JunSeok Oh: On Erdos-Ginzburg-Ziv inverse theorems for Dihedral and Dicyclic groups
16.5.2019 David Dolzan (University of Ljubljana): On the commuting graphs of rings and semirings
23.5.2019 Hanbin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, P.R. China): Symmetries on finite abelian groups and rational Dyck paths
3.6.2019 Monday 14:00 - 15:00 Markus Schmidmeier (Florida): Ext as a k[T] -module
6.6.2019 Nicholas R. Baeth (Franklin & Marshall College Lancaster, USA): Arithmetic in finite-complement ideals
13.6.2019 Felix Gotti (UC Berkeley, USA): A class of primary monoids and the atomicity of their monoid algebras
19.6.2019 SR 11.33 11:00 – 11:45 Helena Martin Cruz (University of Granada): Algorithmic aspects of factorizations in numerical semigroups
SR 11.34 12:00 – 13:00 Aihua Li (Montclair State University, USA): Topics in Algebraic Graph Theory
SR 11.34 13:00 – 13:30 Cheyenne Petzold (Montclair State University, USA): Interlace polynomials of certain graphs
27.6.2019 HS 02.23 15:15 – 16:45 JunSeok Oh: Product-one Sequences over Finite Groups: Algebraic, Arithmetic, and Combinatorial Aspects (Defense of Thesis)

Winter Semester 2018/19

4.10.2018 Irena Swanson (Reed College, USA): A survey of homological algebra
11.10.2018 Julio J. Moyano-Fernandez (Universitat Jaume I de Castellan, Spain): The occurrence of numerical semigroups in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry
18.10.2018 Qinghai Zhong: On the arithmetic of C-monoids and domains
25.10.2018 Cesar Ceballos (Universtität Wien): Hopf dreams and diagonal harmonics
8.11.2018 Mahadi Ddamulira (TU Graz): On the x-coordinates of Pell equations which are k-generalized Fibonacci numbers
15.11.2018 Diego Velasco (UNM): Generalized cluster algebras, orbifolds and Caldero-Chapoton functions
22.11.2018 Andrea Pasquali (University of Uppsala): Self-injective Jacobian algebras
29.11.2018 Karin Baur: Cluster structure on Grassmannians and root combinatorics
6.12.2018 Nik Stopar (University of Ljubljana): Rank of elements of general rings
Mi 12.12.2018 15:00 - 16:00, HS 02.11
Meike Akveld (ETH Zürich): Knoten in der Mathematik - Ein Spiel mit Schnüren, Bildern und Formeln
10.1.2019 Johannes Brantner: On monoids of ideals of orders in quadratic number fields
17.1.2019 Ana Garcia Elsener: Introduction to Cluster algebras and results about their factorization
24.1.2019 Jun Seok Oh: On minimal product-one sequences of maximal length over dihedral and dicyclic groups
31.1.2019 Salvatore Tringali: On the arithmetic of acyclic and positive monoids
7.2.2019 Lukas Andritsch: Rigorosum (Defense of PhD), 10:30 – 12:00, HS 11.02

Summer Semester 2018

8.3.2018 Michael Kerber (TU Graz): The Representation Theorem of Persistent Homology Revisited and Generalized
15.3.2018 Shuqin Zhang (MU Leoben): Space-filling curves of fractal sets
12.4.2018 Amr Al-Maktry (TU Graz): On Null Polynomials of Higher Order
19.4.2018 Austin Antoniou (Ohio State University, USA): Power Monoids: Connecting factorization theory to additive combinatorics
26.4.2018 Qinghai Zhong: Sets of arithmetical invariants in transfer Krull monoids
3.5.2018 Ana Garcia-Elsener: AR-quivers of CM modules from Grassmannians
24.5.2018 Salvatore Tringali: Structural properties of subadditive sequences with applications to factorization theory and additive combinatorics
7.6.2018 Alireza Nasr-Isfahani (University of Isfahan, Iran): Maximal forward hom-orthogonal sequences for cluster-tilted algebras of finite type
Fr 8.6.2018 Maitreyee Kulkarni (Louisiana State Univ.): (14:00 – 15:30) Dimer models on cylinders over Dynkin diagrams and cluster algebras
21.6.2018 Lukas Andritsch: A note on friezes of type Lambda_p
28.6.2018 Sofja Afanaseva (St. Petersburg State University, Russia): Local Class Field Theory and the Formal Groups
Di 3.7.2018 Ilke Canakci (Newcastle University): Perfect matchings and modules over dimer algebras
Mi 25.7.2018 Salomon Dominguez (Universidad Anahuac, Mexico-City): Arc representations
26.7.2018 Eleonore Faber (University of Leeds): From the Magic Square of reflections and rotations to the McKay correspondence

Winter Semester 2017/18

12.10.2017 Christian Elsholtz (TU Graz): Maximal sets in F_q^n avoiding progressions
19./20.10.2017 60. Geburtstag Prof. Robert Tichy:  Festkolloquium an der TU Graz
9.11.2017 Christoph Aistleitner (TU Graz): Pair correlations, additive combinatorics, and some linear algebra
16.11.2017 Qinghai Zhong: Long sets of lengths with maximal elasticity
23.11.2017 Sarah Nakato (TU Graz): Integer-valued polynomials on rings of integers in number fields with prescribed sets of lengths
30.11.2017 Charles Beil: The geometry of nonnoetherian coordinate rings
7.12.2017 Salvatore Tringali: On the structure of unions of sets of lengths
14.12.2017 DK Day 2017 an der TU Graz:  Programm
11.1.2018 Sophie Frisch (TU Graz): On the spectrum of rings of functions
18.1.2018 Roswitha Rissner (TU Graz): f-vectors of simplicial and simple polytopes
25.1.2018 JunSeok Oh: Product-one sequences over finite groups

Summer Semester 2017

09.03.2017 Matt Pressland (MPI, Bonn): Perfect matchings and the Grassmannian cluster algebra
23.03.2017 Karin Baur: Transfinite mutations
30.03.2017 Robert Marsh (Leeds University): Braid groups and quiver mutation
06.04.2017 Daniel Smertnig: Arithmetical invariants of local quaternion orders
04.05.2017 Dusko Bogdanic: Extensions between Cohen-Macaulay modules of Grassmannian cluster categories
18.05.2017 Salvatore Tringali: Periodic properties of directed families with applications to factorization theory
01.06.2017 Michael Gekhtman (Notre Dame University): Dilogarithm identities in cluster algebras from Hamiltonian/Lagrangian point of view
08.06.2017 Ana Garcia Elsener: Gentle 2-Calabi-Yau tilted algebras
16.06.2017 13:00 - 13:45, Raquel Coelho Simoes (Univ. Lissabon): Reduction for negative Calabi-Yau triangulated categories
14:00 - 14:45, David Pauksztello (Univ. Verona): Extensions and mapping cones for gentle algebras
22.06.2017 Hanbin Zhang: An introduction to classical invariant theory and its application to zero-sum theory
29.06.2017 15:15 - 16:15, Zhi-Wei Sun (Nanjing University, China): Restricted sums of three or four squares
16:45 - 17:45, David J. Grynkiewicz (University of Memphis, USA): On the Degree of Regularity of (x_1-y_1) + ... + (x_1-y_k) = c
19.07.2017 Alex Martsinkovsky (Northeastern University): (Co)torsion via stabilization of additive functors

Winter Semester 2016/17

14.10.2015 ALGEBRA and NUMBER THEORY DAY   HS 11.02
10:30 - 11:15 Weidong Gao (Nankai University, China): Zero-sum subsequences of distinct lengths
11:30 - 12:15 Wolfgang A. Schmid (University Paris 8 & 13, France): Transfer Krull monoids and weakly Krull monoids: a comparison of their sets of lengths
14:00 - 14:45 Pedro A. García-Sánchez (University Granada, Spain): Numerical semigroups
15:00 - 15:45 Salvatore Tringali (Universität Graz): Unions of sets of lengths
20.10.2016 Yushuang Fan: Minimal relations and catenary degrees in Krull monoids
27.10.2016 Qinghai Zhong: Sets of minimal distances and characterizations of class groups of Krull monoids
3.11.2016 Cesar Ceballos (Universität Wien): Subword Complexes in Algebra, Combinatorics, and Geometry
10.11.2016 Intan Muchtadi-Alamsyah (ITB, Indonesia): Research on Skew Polynomial Rings
17.11.2016 Lukas Andritsch: Boundary algebra of a GL_m-dimer
1.12.2016 Jordan McMahon: Higher Frieze Patterns
15.12.2016 Andreas Reinhart: On the monotone catenary degree
12.1.2017 Salvatore Tringali: A Bridge between Factorization Theory and Arithmetic Combinatorics
19.1.2017 Junseok Oh: On the algebraic and arithmetic structure of the monoid of product-one sequences over a finite group
26.1.2017 Konrad Schrempf (TU Graz): Linearizing the Word Problem in (some) Free Fields

Summer Semester 2016

10.3.2016 Daniel Smertnig: A survey on factorizations of elements in noncommutative rings
17.3.2016 Wolfgang Rump (Universität Stuttgart): Non-commutative Arithmetic
14.4.2016 Colloquium on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Günter Lettl, HS 11.02
15:00 Robert Tichy (TU Graz): Laudatio
15:15 Nigel Byott (University of Exeter): Scaffolds and Local Galois Module Structure
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Ernst-Ulrich Gekeler (Universität des Saarlandes): Stochastic Structures in Number Theory
17:20 Attila Pethõ (University of Debrecen): Parametrized Families of Thue Equations á la Günter Lettl
21.4.2016 Qinghai Zhong: The set of distances in seminormal weakly Krull monoids
28.4.2016 Yushuang Fan: Products of k atoms in Krull monoids
12.5.2016 Carmelo Finocchiaro (TU Graz): General Topology, intersections of modules and flatness
19.5.2016 Špela Špenko (University of Edinburgh): Non-commutative resolutions of quotient singularities for reductive groups
2.6.2016 Roswitha Rissner (TU Graz): Matrices over commutative rings
16.6.2016 Sibylle Schroll (University of Leicester): Multiserial algebras
23.6.2016 István Gaál (Univ. Debrecen): Monogenity of number fields
30.6.2016 Change of room: SR 11.32
15:00 – 15:45: Janko Marovt (University of Maribor): Partial orders in Rickart rings
15:45 – 16:30: Paul Martin (University of Leeds): Diagram categories old and new
11.7.2016 Change of room: SR 11.34
14:00 – 14:45: Alireza Nasr (IPM, Isfahan): On Lie algebras associated with representation-finite algebras
15:00 – 15:45: Salvatore Stella (Università degli studi di Roma "La Sapienza"): Kac-Moody groups, generalized minors, and quiver representations

Winter Semester 2015/16

8.10.2015 Andreas Reinhart: Divisor-class groups of monadic submonoids of certain rings of integer-valued polynomials (1)
15.10.2015 Andreas Reinhart: Divisor-class groups of monadic submonoids of certain rings of integer-valued polynomials (2)
22.10.2015 Anne-Sophie Gleitz (Université de Caen, France): Generalised cluster algebras and quantum affine algebras at roots of unity
29.10.2015 Qinghai Zhong: A characterization of class groups via sets of lengths (1)
12.11.2015 Alfred Geroldinger: A characterization of class groups via sets of lengths (2)
19.11.2015 Mark Parsons: Infinite friezes
26.11.2015 Anne Moreau (Université de Poitiers, France): Joseph ideals and minimal lisse W-algebras
3.12.2015 16:00 Uhr, TU-Graz, Steyrergasse 30/II, SR A206
Jean-Luc Chabert (Université de Picardie-Jules Verne, Amiens, France): Polynomial overrings of Int(Z)
10.12.2015 15:15 – 16:00: Manuela Tschabold: Growth behaviour of frieze patterns
16:30 – 17:15: Raquel Coelho Simoes (Univ. Lissabon): "Negative" cluster-tilted algebras and tiling algebras
4.1. - 8.1.2016 Conference Combinatorial and Additive Number Theory 2016
14.1.2016 Christopher Frei (TU Graz): t.b.a.
21.1.2016 Manuela Tschabold: Infinite friezes of positive integers (PhD defense)
28.1.2016 Rosie Laking (University of Manchester, U.K.): The Ziegler spectrum of a derived-discrete algebra

Summer Semester 2015

Di 10.3.2015 SR 11.13, Heinrichstraße 36, 1. Stock
16:15 – 17:00 István Gaál (Univ. Debrecen): Power integral bases in algebraic number fields
17:15 – 18:00 Aihua Li (Montclaire State Univ.): Prime Spectra of Certain Two Dimensional Integral Domains -- History and New Development
19.3.2015 Dusko Bogdanic: Existence of gradings on associative algebras
30.4.2015 Daniel Smertnig: Every abelian group is the class group of a (noncommutative) simple Dedekind domain
7.5.2015 Sophie Frisch (TU Graz): Polynomial functions on non-commutative rings
21.5.2015 Raquel Coelho Simoes (Univ. Lissabon): Mutations of Hom-configurations in negative Calabi-Yau triangulated categories
18.6.2015 Günter Lettl: Orders in cubic number fields
25.6.2015 15:15 - 16:15 Ligia Loretta Cristea: On labyrinth fractals
16:45 - 17:45 David J. Grynkiewicz (Univ. Memphis, USA): The \rho_k Invariants for Finite Abelian Groups

Winter Semester 2014/15

9.10.2014 Paul Baginski (Fairfield University, USA): Length Multiplicity Set Complete Krull Monoids
16.10.2014 Thomas Wunderer: Class semigroups
23.10.2014 Andreas Reinhart: On conductor ideals
6.11.2014 15:00 – 16:00 Uhr
Christian Elsholtz (TU Graz): Some recent results on additive decomposition of sets
Di 11.11.2014
14:00 – 15:30 Uhr, SR 15.33, Resowi Bauteil B
Nils Carqueville (Universität Wien): Equivariant completion and Dynkin quivers
20.11.2014 Lutz Hille (Münster): Tilting Modules and Root Polytopes
4.12.2014 Mark Parsons: Explicit construction of companion bases
11.12.2014 Hannah Vogel: Asymptotic triangulations & Coxeter transformations of C_{p,q}
15.1.2015 Sebastian Ramacher: Bilinear pairings on elliptic curves
22.1.2015 Manuela Tschabold: Periodic infinite friezes from punctured discs (2)
29.1.2015 Daniel Smertnig: A transfer homomorphism for (some) bounded Dedekind prime rings

Summer Semester 2014

13.3.2014 Franz Halter-Koch: Principal ideals in quadratic orders and Diophantine equations
3.4.2014 Sira Gratz (Leibniz Univ. Hannover): Cluster algebras of infinite rank as colimits
10.4.2014 Dietrich Burde (Univ. Wien): Faithful Lie algebra representations of minimal degree
8.5.2014 Dusko Bogdanic: Stable equivalences and gradings
15.5.2014 Andreas Reinhart: About special classes of SP-domains
22.5.2014 Daniel Smertnig: Rigorosum (Defense of PhD), 15:15 – 17:00, HS 10.01
Fr 23.5.2014 Alberto Facchini (Univ. Padua): Some particular direct-sum decompositions and direct-product decompositions,
10:30 – 11:30, HS 11.01
5.6.2014 Daniel Smertnig: The Davenport constant of subsets of finitely generated free abelian groups
12.6.2014 Daniel Smertnig: A semigroup-theoretical view of direct-sum decompositions and associated combinatorial problems
Mo 16.6.2014 Chanwit Prabpayak: Rigorosum (Defense of PhD), 14:00 – 15:30 Uhr, SR 11.32
Di 17.6.2014 István Gaál (Univ. Debrecen): Calculating small solutions of relative Thue equations, 14:00 – 14:45 Uhr, SR 11.34
Timea Szabó (Univ. Debrecen): Power integral bases in infinite families of quartic fields, 15:00 – 15:15 Uhr, SR 11.34
26.6.2014 Manuela Tschabold: Periodic infinite friezes from punctured discs
John R. Schmitt (Middlebury, USA): Warning's second theorem with restricted variables, 15.15.16:00 Uhr
David J. Grynkiewicz (Univ. Memphis, USA): The index of zero-sum free sequences and Kummer subspaces, 16:30 – 17:15 Uhr     [16:00 – 16:30 Coffee break]

Winter Semester 2013/14

10.10.2013 Sebastian Ramacher: On Krull and Mori rings with zero-divisors
17.10.2013 Andreas Reinhart: Rings of integer-valued polynomials and monadic properties
24.10.2013 Roswitha Rissner (TU Graz): Skolem closure of ideals
31.10.2013 Hannah Vogel: On the shape of subword complexity sequences of finite words
7.11.2013 Dusko Bogdanic: Representation Theory of Symmetric Groups (1)
14.11.2013 Dusko Bogdanic: Representation Theory of Symmetric Groups (2)
28.11.2013 Mario Weitzer (Montanuniversität Leoben): The distribution of real polynomials with bounded roots
19.12.2013 Alain Plagne (École Polytechnique, Paris):
Christian Elsholtz (TU Graz): (16:15 – 17:00)
9.1.2014 Chanwit Prabpayak: Orders in purely cubic number fields
16.1.2014 Amnon Rosenmann (Austrian Institute of Technology): On the edge expansion of infinite Cayley graphs
23.1.2014 Jernej Pribosek: Parabolic orbits and $\Delta$-filtered modules
30.1.2014 Raquel Coelho Simoes (Univ. Lissabon): Hom-configurations in triangulated categories generated by spherical objects
Jeanne Scott (Boston, USA): Combinatorics of the Grassmannian's BZ-twist (16:15 - 17:15)

Summer Semester 2013

Robert Marsh (University of Leeds): From triangulated categories to module categories via localization
Lisa Lamberti (ETH Zürich): Chebyshev polynomials and tensor diagrams (17:15 – 18:15)
14.3.2013 Nicholas Baetz (Univ. Central Missouri): Factorization Theory applied to Direct-sum Decompositions of Modules
4.4.2013 Iulian Simion (EPFL Lausanne): Double centralizers of unipotent elements in simple algebraic groups
David Grynkiewicz: The Davenport Constant for Non-Abelian Groups
Ademir Hujdurivic (University of Primorska): Pentavalent symmetric bicirculants (17:15 – 18:00)
Wolfgang A. Schmid (Université Paris 8): Bounds and some exact values for plus-minus weighted Davenport constants and some related problems
23.5.2013 Daniel Smertnig: A study of factorizations in non-commutative semigroups
6.6.2013 Giulio Peruginelli (TU Graz): Integer-valued polynomials over sets of algebraic integers of bounded degree
13.6.2013 Mark Parsons: Cluster algebras of finite type and companion bases (1)
20.6.2013 Mark Parsons: Cluster algebras of finite type and companion bases (2)
27.6.2013 Karin Baur: Postnikov diagrams and categories associated to Grassmannians
12.7.2013 Thomas Brüstle (Université de Sherbrooke, Québec): The decorated mapping class group of a marked surface

Winter Semester 2012/13

11.10.2012 Alfred Geroldinger: Local and global tameness in Krull monoids
18.10.2012 Chanwit Prabpayak: Characterization of conductors in algebraic number fields
25.10.2012 Alain Plagne (École Polytechnique, Paris): Sets with forbidden linear constraints
8.11.2012 15:15 – 16:15: Benjamin Girard (Université Paris 6): On the intersection of a hyperplane of (F_p)^l with the l-cube
8.11.2012 16:45 – 17:45: Christian Elsholtz (TU Graz): Subsetsums / Hilbert cubes in multiplicatively defined sets
22.11.2012 Manuela Tschabold: What is a Frieze Pattern?
29.11.2012 Jernej Pribosek: Parabolic orbits via $\Delta$-filtered modules
13.12.2012 Mara D. Neusel (Texas Tech Univ., USA): Orbit Chern Classes
10.1.2013 Salvatore Stella (North Eastern Univ. Boston, USA):
Polyhedral models for generalized associahedra via Coxeter elements
17.1.2013 Andreas Reinhart: Seminormal orders and the half-factorial property (1)
24.1.2013 Andreas Reinhart: Seminormal orders and the half-factorial property (2)
31.1.2013 Franz Halter-Koch: Lucas sequences and quadratic orders (15:15 – 16:45)
Raquel Simoes (Leibniz Universität Hannover): Maximal rigid objects as noncrossing bipartite graphs (17:15 – 18:15)
Mi 13.2.2013 David Pauksztello (Universität Hannover): An introduction to co-t-structures and co-stability conditions (14:15 – 15:15)
Sira Gratz (Universität Hannover): Mutation of torsion pairs in triangulated categories (15:45 – 16:45)