List of publications (not related to project J4023-N35):

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A. Geroldinger, A. Reinhart, The monotone catenary degree of monoids of ideals, International Journal of Algebra and Computation, to appear,

List of publications related to project J4023-N35:

A. J. Hetzel, A. L. Lawson, A. Reinhart, On finite molecularization domains, Journal of Commutative Algebra, to appear.

B. Olberding, A. Reinhart, Radical factorization in commutative rings, monoids and multiplicative lattices, Algebra Universalis, to appear,

B. Olberding, A. Reinhart, Radical factorization in finitary ideal systems, submitted,

J. Brantner, A. Geroldinger, A. Reinhart, On monoids of ideals of orders in quadratic number fields, submitted,

B. Olberding, A. Reinhart, Notes on unitary ideals, in preparation.

G. W. Chang, A. Reinhart, Factorization properties of integral domains and monoids, in preparation.

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