Klemens Fellner

Professor of Mathematics/Computational Sciences,
Group Leader Applied Analysis

Institute of Mathematics and Scientific Computing
University of Graz
Heinrichstr. 36
8010 Graz, Austria

Tel: +43-(0)316-380-5180
Email: klemens.fellner@uni-graz.at

ursprung: Curriculum Vitae

Current Members of the Applied Analysis Group:

Dr. Amit Einav: Kinetic equations and related PDEs, analysis, probability and functional inequalities
Dr. Jan Elias: Biomathematics, population dynamics, p53
Dr. Mag. Arch. Tamara Friebel: Mathematics and Arts, composition, performance, architecture
Dr. Evangelos Latos: SFB Lipd Hydrolysis, Mathematical modelling of Lipolysis, analysis
Dr. Bao Quac Tang: PDE analysis, reaction-diffusion systems, attractors

Former Group Members:

Prof. Stefanie Sonner (Radboud University)
Dr. Victor Kovtunenko

Current projects: Doctoral School IGDK, Mathematics and Arts, SFB Lipid Hydrolysis

Keywords: partial differential equations, reaction-diffusion equations, kinetic equations, nonlocal equation, analysis, large-time behaviour, entropy methods, duality methods

Applications and modelling: prion dynamics, lipolysis, protein localisation in stem-cell division, organic photovoltaics, swimming micro-organism


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[PhD-thesis] K. Fellner, On two models for charged particle systems: The cometary flow equation and the Burgers-Poisson system.

Languages: German (native), English (fluently), French (Pas mal), Spanish (basic).

Music: Bassoonist of the University Orchestra of Graz, woodwind quintetts.

Theatre: Founding member of the „Kleine Bühne Ebensee“.

Sport: Vienna City Marathon 2002, Graz Marathon 2001.

IT: Linux, Windows, Excel, Maple, Matlab, Mathematica, Fortran, C, Maya, ...