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 Imaging with Modulated/Incomplete Data 2010
SFB Workshop 




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Objectives of the Workshop


This workshop is intended to bring practitioners and theoreticians together to better understand image processing problems in which the available data are modulated or undersampled.

Modulated image data arise for instance from non-ideal imaging conditions such as non-homogeneous electro-magnetic fields, and undersampling is either unavoidable or used for acceleration of data acquisition.

In recent years advanced mathematical methods have been developed to overcome the problems arising from modulation and undersampling in order to reconstruct the underlying uncorrupted images. These methods are now gaining importance in practical applications. The rapid development of new image acquisition hardware and techniques demands further improvement of the available mathematical methodologies.

Topics discussed in this workshop include:

  • Parallel image reconstruction.
  • Nonlinear reconstruction techniques.
  • Segmentation and registration of modulated images.
  • Smooth and non-smooth modulations.
  • Compressed sensing techniques.
  • Mathematical and algorithmic tools in the above fields.

Interested researchers are encouraged to post the workshop poster.


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