From Mathematics to C++ (with finite elements)

Gundolf Haase, University of Graz, email .

Date Topic Supplementing material
Winter School in Isfahan
Jan 26 First steps in C++ (T_1) intro_function (tar, doc); Loops.cpp (source, html), skalar (tar, doc)
Task means; Task div_3_5;
Jan 27 Vectors and matrices (T_2),
Object oriented data (T_3)
skalar_stl (tar, doc); intro_secretnumber (tar, doc); intro_vector_densematrix (tar, doc); intro_crsmatrix(tar, doc)
Task Kahan; Task Goldbach; Task DenseMatrices;
Jan 28 Introduction Parallelization and OpenMP (P_0) shm: skalar (tar, html)
Jan 29 Iterative methods (P_1),
Parallel FEM (P_2),
MPI parallel(P_3)
shm: jacobi (tar, html)
Jan 30 Multigrid(P_4), parallel AMG (P_5),
Howto(P_9), for the unpatient
MPI-old: jacobi (tar), geom_multigrid(tar)
Feb 2 C++, compile, link, run; Makefile
Feb 3 Vectors and matrices (T_2), Templates
Object oriented data (T_3), Clases
skalar_stl (tar, doc); intro_secretnumber (tar, doc);
template for Kahan (tar)
intro_class_area (tar, doc)
intro_vector_densematrix (tar, doc); intro_crsmatrix(tar, doc)
Feb 4 Data structures for 2D FEM jacobi (tar, doc), jacobi_oo (tar, doc)
Feb 5 Data structures for Multigrid
Feb 6

Summer School in Graz
Sept 2 Recalling MPI-library; Tasks for MPI Tasks for MPI; First template for E1-E4 (tar, doc)
Sept 3 Data exchange in MPI-parallel PDE solvers. Interfaces suggestion for E5-E8 (doc), Vector accumulation template for E9-E13 (tar, doc)
Sept 3 Jacobi iteration in parallel; Multigrid. Parallel algebra for Jacobi iteration(slides), Jacobi template for E14 (tar, doc)
Sept 4 Intro hybrid programming; GPU programming
Sept 12 Presentation of results by students, discussions.
Further topics.

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Sept 6, 2019