Wolfgang Ring

Institut f. Mathematik
Universität Graz
A-8010 Graz, Austria
e-mail: wolfgang.ring@kfunigraz.ac.at

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For a complete list of my publications see my curriculum vitae (in German).

Master Thesis

    On the Local Behaviour of Discrete Dynamical Systems, Karl-Franzens-University Graz, 1991.

Ph.D. Thesis

    Identification of an Interface Using Harmonic Analysis Techniques and Regularization Methods, Technical University Graz, 1993

Publications in Journals and Preprints

  1. K. Kunisch and W. Ring, Regularization of Nonlinear Illposed Problems with Closed Operators , Numerical Functional Analysis and Applications, 14(3&4), 389 - 404, (1993).
    470kB postscript file
    242 kB pdf file
  2. W. Ring, Identification of a Core from Boundary Data, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 55(3), 677 - 706, (1995).
    633 kB postscript file
    367 kB pdf-file
  3. V. Barbu, K. Kunisch and W. Ring, Control and Estimation of the Boundary Heat Transfer Function in Stefan Problems, Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis, 55(3), 677 - 706, (1995).
    396 kB postscript file
    298 kb pdf-file
  4. W. Ring, P.Schöpf and J. Schwaiger, On Functions Continuous on Certain Classes of ´Thin´ Sets, Publicationes Mathematicæ Debrecen, 50(1-2), 1 - 20, (1996).
    492 kB postscript file
    248 kB pdf-file
  5. B. Brandstätter and W. Ring, Optimization of a SMES Device under Nonlinear Constraints , Proceedings of the 7. Internat. IGTE Symposium, 277 - 281, (1996).
    245 kB postscript file
    194 kB pdf-file
  6. G. Peichl and W. Ring, Optimization of the Shape of an Electromagnet: Regularity Results, Advances in Mathematical Sciences and Applications, 8(2), (1998).
    480 kB postscript file
    259 kB pdf-file
  7. B. Brandstätter and W. Ring, Shape Design with Great Geometrical Deformations Using Continuously Moving Finite Element Nodes, Preprint, (October 1997).
    400kB postscript file
    257 kB pdf-file
  8. G. Peichl and W. Ring, Optimization of the Shape of an Electromagnet: Finite Dimensional Approximation, Preprint, (February 1998).
    614 kB postscript file
    268 kB pdf-file
  9. W. Ring, Identification of the Load of a Partially Breaking Beam, Preprint, (November 1998).
    1.4 mB postscript file
    250 kB pdf file
  10. W. Ring, Structural Properties of Solutions of Total Variation Regularization Problems, Preprint, (August 1999).
    2.4 mB postscript file
    515 kB pdf file
  11. W. Ring, A First-Order Seqential Predictor-Corrector Regularization Method for Ill-Posed Volterra Equations, Preprint, (September 1999).
    1.4 mB postscript file
    319 kB pdf file
  12. W. Ring and J. Prix, Sequential Predictor-Corrector Regularization Methods and their Limitations, Preprint (November 1999).
    1.2 mB postscript file
    265 kB pdf file
  13. M. Hintermüller and W. Ring, A level Set Approach for the Solution of a State-Constrained Optimal Control Problem. Preprint (February 2001)
    1.4 mB pdf file


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