Research interests

  • Solving inverse problems without solution map
  • All-at-once vs. reduced formulation based regularization
  • Reference adaptive system approach for online parameter identification
  • Parameter identification in imaging
  • Learning-informed parameter identification

  • Research topics

    Magnetic Partical Imaging (MPI) [1]
      MPI is a novel tracer based imaging technique invented in 2005 by Gleich and Weizenecker. This method uses a temporally-spatially varying magnetic field with field-free point to excite the nanoparticals inside a body and detect their concentration. MPI is currently in the preclinical phase exploring potential clinical applications: locate cloggings in blood vessels, locate tumors...

      Figure. Magnetization (right) of a particle in response to a dynamic external field (left); middle: initial magnetization vector [GIP]
    TEM Example