From September 22nd to 26th, 2014 a conference on Arithmetic and Ideal Theory of Rings and Semigroups will be organized at the Institute of Mathematics and Scientific Computing at the University of Graz in Graz, Austria. There will be a one-day special session dedicated to the 70th birthday of Franz Halter-Koch.

You can find updates about the conference on the news page.

The main subjects include:

  • Multiplicative Ideal Theory,
  • Factorization Theory,
  • Direct-sum Decompositions of Modules,
  • Integer-valued Polynomials,
  • Non-commutative Rings and Algebras.

Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Scott Chapman (Sam Houston State University, USA),
  • Marco Fontana (Roma Tre University, Italy),
  • Sophie Frisch (Graz University of Technology, Austria),
  • Bruce Olberding (New Mexico State University, USA).

Organizers: Alfred Geroldinger, Florian Kainrath, Andreas Reinhart, and Daniel Smertnig.

You can contact us at

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