The conference will take place in the building Anglistik/Geographie/Mathematik, Heinrichstraße 36, 8010 Graz, at the main campus of the University of Graz, as well as in the neighboring building “Heizhaus”. A campus map as well as useful information on how to get to the conference venue can be found here.

Registration and plenary talks and the public lecture will be located in the “Heizhaus”, coffee breaks and most
other talks will take place in Heinrichstraße 36, ground floor. A detailed map can be downloaded here.


The reception – sponsored by the mayor of Graz, Elke Kahr – will happen at the “Meerscheinschlössl”, Mozartgasse 3, less than 5 minutes from the conference site.

Conference dinner

We booked the “Aiola im Schloss Sankt Veit” for our conference dinner.


There is the Uni-Cafe on the ground floor of Heinrichstraße 6, which offers high quality lunch. However, space is limited there. Apart from that, there is a number of good restaurants close to the conference venue. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

There is also a number of Restaurants in the Zinzendorfgasse, which is kind of the inofficial mensa of the KFU, and the official mensa at Sonnenfelsplatz. Even closer to the venue, in Heinrichstraße, there are some Döner shops and other smaller restaurants.