Computer Organization I --WS 09/10


Working Groups

  1. Embedded System  [400 EUR]:  Report

  2. Compute Server'10  (core-i7, GTX 3xx (fermi)): Report (1. draft, 2.draft) [1300 EUR]:   

  3. Dual Server'10  (2 AMD Hexalon or  2 Xeon, 32 GB,  GPUs) Report, 1.draft, 2.draft [1000 + 1000 EUR]:   

  4. Upgrade of Scientific working place  (2nd CPU, memory Upgrade, GPGU, Sound)  [800 EUR by Inst.]:  Report


3.000 EUR:  from the faculty  + xxxx EUR Inst.

Check list compatibilities:

Integration of the computer into the university network:

Potential Processors