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Subproject HEART

The Virtual Heart

Gernot Plank

Keywords: biodomain, mechanical-electrical coupling, virtual experiment, arrhythmia, defibrillation, histological reconstruction, fiber tracking

Information: The overall goal of this project is to advance methodology in modeling of cardiac electromechanics, enabling biophysically detailed multiscale and multiphysics models of integrated cardiac function which faithfully represent cardiac anatomy at a paracellular resolution. Such detailed models provide a comprehensive framework for studying cardiac function in health and disease, but they are also of potential relevance as an assist modality for improving cardiac therapies in a clinical context. The suitability of such in-silico models as a tool for rationalizing lead placement in defibrillation therapy will be investigated. Model personalization techniques will play an important role in this regard, since they allow the assignment of spatial heterogeneities which account for inter-individual variations. Furthermore, the focus on the development of techniques for modeling cardiac electro-mechanics will be more emphasized. Major methodological advances are required to improve strong scalability for upcoming HPC platforms to allow for sufficiently fast simulation-analysis cycles. We aim at achieving a real time lag factor < 1000in which is likely to be sufficient for most scenarios including clinical workflows.

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