Restore the default settings for the optional parameters.


options = soptions

call soptions ( options )


soptions returns the default values for the optional parameters used by SolvOpt. The detailed description of the optional parameters appears in the sections Parameter as arguments and Default parameter settings of the Tutorial part and in the description of the routine solvopt.

The M-function returns the row options=[-1,1.e-4,1.e-6,15000,0,1.e-8,2.5,1.e-11].

The FORTRAN subroutine returns the double precision 13- element array with the same values for the first 8 elements and zeros for the last 5.


This header file is used with the C version and has the same purpose as FORTRAN subroutine soptions. Additionally, the function null_entry is declared in this header file.
solvopt.h must be included to the C function calling to the solvopt with the directive
#include <solvopt.h>

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