Version 1.1 (June, 1997) available as
M-functions for use with Matlab,
C and Fortran source codes

!!! SolvOpt is a freeware and comes with NO WARRANTY !!!

The program SolvOpt (Solver for local optimization problems) is concerned with minimization or maximization of nonlinear, possibly non-smooth objective functions and solution of nonlinear minimization problems taking into account constraints by the method of exact penalization.

MS Windows,   HP Unix.
Compilers (required products):
Matlab 4.2tm and higher versions,
MS Visual C++tm versions 2.0/5.0, HP-UX Ctm,
MS Fortran 1.0tm, NAG FTN90 Version 2.01, HP-UX Fortran-90tm.
Free downloadable sources:
Matlab m-functions,
C source codes,
Fortran 90 source codes.
Manuals and illustrating examples:
the complete manual on SolvOpt is available as an Adobe 3.0tm PS-file,
the online manual on SolvOpt is a shortened version of the complete one,
the results illustrating the performance of the program are presented on the web, but not given in the manual.

Introduction,   Release notes,   FAQ,   Download sources,  
Online reference,   Performance and tests.

Alexei Kuntsevich
& Franz Kappel
Mail to Prof. F. Kappel

The authors acknowledge support by the Austrian Science Fund
Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung

August 1, 1997