What's new in version 1.1 (1997):

the program itself calculates suitable penalty coefficient,
warning messages come every time when the program detects an irregular (complicated) case, so the user is aware of possible failures,
the routine does not stop at a point, where no function value is available or it equals infinity, or gradient is zero, unless it fails to find a way to pass through the "bad" area,
the program is better adapted to minimization of badly scaled, almost "flat" and extremely "steep" functions,
the manual is completed by including the chapters specific for a particular programming language,
the testing procedure is fully illustrated by the obtained results, some additional information is collected also on the test functions (problems) used.


no information about Lagrange multipliers is computed,
Fortran-77 version is no more supported,

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Alexei Kuntsevich
& Franz Kappel
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August 1, 1997