Some research topics

Reconstruction for multi-modal electron tomography [1] TEM Example

Structural-prior-based regularization [1] [2] MR Prior PET Reconstruction

Joint reconstruction of multispectral data [1] [2] MR-PET Example

Regularization for dynamic magnetic resonance imaging [1] dMRI Example

Variational decompression of DjVu encoded files [1] DjVu bit-slicing

Artifact-free variational MPEG decompression [1] Frame of MPEG 2 compressed movie ICTGV based decompression

ICTV based video reconstruction [1] Frame with motion artifacts ICTV based reconstruction

TGV based JPEG decompression [1] [2] [3] Peppers standard Peppers TGV

TGV based JPEG 2000 decompression [1] [2] Parrot standard Parrot TGV

Wavelet based zooming [1] Barbara standard Barbara TGV-wavelet

Total Variation based JPEG decompression [1] Barbara standard Barbara TGV