High Performance Computing  I (WS16/17)

We will start with an introduction into basic principles and algorithms of parallel computing followed by transferring selected algorithms onto many-core architectures. We will focus first on NVIDIA-GPUs using the CUDA library, even on multiple GPUs. The students will compare the performance of the algorithms on the GPU with performance on multi-core CPUs using OpenMP. Recent Compilers for OpenACC supporting GPU programming will available for testing and benchmarking. A similar programming scheme can be used for the core accelerator card Xeon Phi by using Intel compilers and OpenMP 4.0.
A tech-report has to be produced until the end of the term.

Course Material : Follow the link. See templates.


Prof. Gundolf Haase, Heinrichstr. 36, Zi 506, Tel. 5178,

:  Thursday 14:45 - 16:15 in Heinrichstr. 36, SR 11.34 (starts on Oct 13, 2016)
Projects: WS 16/17, WS 15/16, WS 14/15, WS13/14, WS12/13WS11/12, WS10/11
Hardware (login from outside KFU only via  VPN):
Material for CUDA:
Material for OpenACC (PGI):

for CUDA:
Material for OpenCL:
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