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Technical Reports

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Report Number Title Author(s)
IMA01-05 Feasible and non-interior path-following in constrained minimization with low multiplier regularity M. Hintermüller
K. Kunisch
IMA02-05 Error estimates for abstract linear-quadratic optimal control problems using proper orthogonal decomposition M. Hinze
S. Volkwein
IMA03-05 A Hilbert-Order Multiplication Scheme for Unstructured Sparse Matrices G. Haase
M. Liebmann
IMA04-05 A matrix-free two-grid preconditioner for solving boundary integral equations in electromagnetism B. Carpentieri
IMA01-06 Optimal Control of Obstacle Problems by H1-Obstacles K. Ito
K. Kunisch
IMA02-06 Fast solution techniques in constrained optimal boundary control of the semilinear heat equation M. Hintermüller
S. Volkwein
F. Diwoky
IMA03-06 SQP Methods for Parameter Identification Problems arising in Hyperthermia T. Gänzler
S. Volkwein
M. Weiser
IMA04-06 Combining fast multipole techniques and an approximate inverse preconditioner for large electromagnetism calculations B. Carpentieri
I.S. Duff
L. Giraud
G. Sylvand
IMA05-06 On the choice of the cost functional for optimal vortex reduction for instationary flows K. Kunisch
B. Vexler
IMA06-06 Galerkin proper orthogonal decomposition methods for parameter dependent elliptic systems M. Kahlbacher
S. Volkwein
IMA07-06 Additive and multiplicative two-level spectral preconditioning for general linear systems B. Carpentieri
L. Giraud
S. Gratton
IMA08-06 An a posteriori error analysis of adaptive finite element methods for distributed elliptic control problems with control constraints M. Hintermüller
R.H.W. Hoppe
Y. Iliash
M. Kieweg
IMA09-06 Constrained optimization for interface cracks in composite materials subject to non-penetration conditions M. Hintermüller
V.A Kovtunenko
K. Kunisch
IMA10-06 Proper orthogonal decomposition for optimality systems K. Kunisch
S. Volkwein
IMA11-06 A sequential quadratic programming method for volatility estimation in option pricing B. Düring
A. Jüngel
S. Volkwein
IMA12-06 Convergence of the Primal-Dual Active Set Strategy for Diagonally Dominant Systems K. Ito
K. Kunisch
IMA13-06 Cascadic non-linear conjugate gradient solution to finite-level quantum optimal control problems A. Borzi,
J. Salomon
S. Volkwein
IMA14-06 Model Reduction by Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for Estimation of Scalar Parameters in Elliptic PDEs M. Kahlbacher
S. Volkwein
IMA15-06 Model Reduction by Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for Lambda-Omega Systems H. Müller
IMA16-06 Optimal Control of the Stationary Quantum Drift-Diffusion Model A. Unterreiter
S. Volkwein
IMA17-06 Fast iterative solution methods in electromagnetic scattering B. Carpentieri
IMA18-06 A parallel solver for Euler and Navier-Stokes problems on unstructured grids A. Bonfiglioli
B. Carpentieri
M. Sosonkina
IMA19-06 Feasible and Noninterior Path-Following in Constrained Minimization with Low Multiplier Regularity M. Hintermüller
K. Kunisch
IMA20-06 A Semi-Smooth Newton Method for Regularized State-Constrained Optimal Control of the Navier-Stokes Equations J. C. de los Reyes
K. Kunisch
IMA21-06 Trading Regions Under Proportional Transaction Costs K. Kunisch
J. Sass
IMA22-06 Constrained Dirichlet Boundary Control in L2 for a Class of Evolution Equations K. Kunisch
B. Vexler
IMA23-06 Mesh-Independence and Preconditioning for Solving Parabolic Control Problems with Mixed Control-State Constraints M. Hintermüller,
I. Kopacka,
S. Volkwein
IMA01-07 Multigrid optimization schemes for solving Bose-einstein Condensates control problems A. Borzi,
IMA02-07 Receding Horizon Control Techniques applied to the Cardiovascular System M.E.C. Mutsaers
IMA03-07 A Semismooth Newton Method for Semilinear Optimal Control Problems with Control-State and Integral-State Constraints M. Hintermüller,
H. Müller,
S. Volkwein
IMA04-07 Primal-Dual Active Set Methods for Optimal Control Problems with Mixed Control-State and Bilateral Control Constraints M. Hintermüller,
S. Volkwein
IMA05-07 Estimation of diffusion coefficients in a scalar Ginzburg-Landau equation by using model reduction M. Kahlbacher,
S. Volkwein
IMA06-07 Investigating Physiological Controls of the Cardiovascular System S. Fürtinger,
J. Batzel,
M. Fink
IMA01-08 Impedance Identification by POD Model Reduction Techniques S. Volkwein,
A. Hepberger
IMA01-09 A mathematical model comparing solute kinetics in low- and high-BMI hemodialysis patients F. Kappel,
J.J. Batzel,
M. Bachar,
P. Kotanko
IMA02-09 Analysis of data on control responses to orthostatic stress in healthy controls, iron man and marathon athletes, and patients with autonomic disturbances of the cardiovascular system D. Serschen,
J. J. Batzel,
S. Fürtinger,
G. Gratze, and
F. Skrabal
IMA03-09 Sensitivity identifiability of a baroreflex control system model

J. J. Batzel,
S. Fürtinger,
M. Bachar,
M. Fink,
F. Kappel


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