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Technical Reports 2006


Report Number Title Author(s)
IMA01-06 Optimal Control of Obstacle Problems by H1-Obstacles K. Ito
K. Kunisch
IMA02-06 Fast solution techniques in constrained optimal boundary control of the semilinear heat equation M. Hintermüller
S. Volkwein
F. Diwoky
IMA03-06 SQP Methods for Parameter Identification Problems arising in Hyperthermia T. Gänzler
S. Volkwein
M. Weiser
IMA04-06 Combining fast multipole techniques and an approximate inverse preconditioner for large electromagnetism calculations B. Carpentieri
I.S. Duff
L. Giraud
G. Sylvand
IMA05-06 On the choice of the cost functional for optimal vortex reduction for instationary flows K. Kunisch
B. Vexler
IMA06-06 Galerkin proper orthogonal decomposition methods for parameter dependent elliptic systems M. Kahlbacher
S. Volkwein
IMA07-06 Additive and multiplicative two-level spectral preconditioning for general linear systems B. Carpentieri
L. Giraud
S. Gratton
IMA08-06 An a posteriori error analysis of adaptive finite element methods for distributed elliptic control problems with control constraints M. Hintermüller
R.H.W. Hoppe
Y. Iliash
M. Kieweg
IMA09-06 Constrained optimization for interface cracks in composite materials subject to non-penetration conditions M. Hintermüller
V.A Kovtunenko
K. Kunisch
IMA10-06 Proper orthogonal decomposition for optimality systems K. Kunisch
S. Volkwein
IMA11-06 A sequential quadratic programming method for volatility estimation in option pricing B. Düring
A. Jüngel
S. Volkwein
IMA12-06 Convergence of the Primal-Dual Active Set Strategy for Diagonally Dominant Systems K. Ito
K. Kunisch
IMA13-06 Cascadic non-linear conjugate gradient solution to finite-level quantum optimal control problems A. Borzi,
J. Salomon
S. Volkwein
IMA14-06 Model Reduction by Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for Estimation of Scalar Parameters in Elliptic PDEs M. Kahlbacher
S. Volkwein
IMA15-06 Model Reduction by Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for Lambda-Omega Systems H. Müller
IMA16-06 Optimal Control of the Stationary Quantum Drift-Diffusion Model A. Unterreiter
S. Volkwein
IMA17-06 Fast iterative solution methods in electromagnetic scattering B. Carpentieri
IMA18-06 A parallel solver for Euler and Navier-Stokes problems on unstructured grids A. Bonfiglioli
B. Carpentieri
M. Sosonkina
IMA19-06 Feasible and Noninterior Path-Following in Constrained Minimization with Low Multiplier Regularity M. Hintermüller
K. Kunisch
IMA20-06 A Semi-Smooth Newton Method for Regularized State-Constrained Optimal Control of the Navier-Stokes Equations J. C. de los Reyes
K. Kunisch
IMA21-06 Trading Regions Under Proportional Transaction Costs K. Kunisch
J. Sass
IMA22-06 Constrained Dirichlet Boundary Control in L2 for a Class of Evolution Equations K. Kunisch
B. Vexler
IMA23-06 Mesh-Independence and Preconditioning for Solving Parabolic Control Problems with Mixed Control-State Constraints M. Hintermüller,
I. Kopacka,
S. Volkwein

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