International Workshop "Optimal Control of Dynamical Systems" Mariatrost, May 15-19, 2017 







Social program


Social program

On Tuesday evening we will take a guided tour of Graz. A chartered bus leaves from the Bildungshaus at 17.30 and takes us to the city centre, where the tour will start at 18.00.
Following the city tour we are invited by the gouvenor of Styria, Hermann Schützenhöfer and by the major of Graz, Mag. Siegfried Nagl, for a reception in the White Castle of Graz (in German: Grazer Burg). The reception starts at 19.30 and includes a buffet.
After the reception, you have two options: Take a bus that is organized for our group, or make your own way by public transport, e.g., tram line 1 from Hauptplatz.

On Wednesday afternoon we have planned a hike from St. Radegund to the summit of the mountain Schöckl. We will take a chartered bus from the Bildungshaus at 14:00. In St. Radegund we split into two groups. One group will walk up the trail under the gondola cableway, the other group will take the gondola to the top station. On the Schöckl you can hike to the summit cross, take a rest at the Stubenberghaus or simply enjoy the view. At 17:00 we will take the gondola down to St. Radegund. We will return to the Bildungshaus at 18:30. The conference dinner at "der Roseggerhof" starts at 19:30. Transport from Bildungshaus to der Roseggerhof will be provided.