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Templates for SFB products

Here you can find templates for presentations, posters and reports of SFB related research. At the moment, these are based on LaTeX and include the KFU logo; different formats (e.g., Powerpoint) and styles (TUG, MUG, etc.) are welcome.


The following templates are based on LaTeX and beamer. Each zip archive should contain all necessary style files and logos.

  • Slides (style based on KFU corporate identity)
  • Poster (style based on KFU corporate identity)
  • Slides (clean style used for SFB hearing)
  • ...


The template and all necessary files for an SFB report, together with a detailed explanation, can be found here.


The archives linked above contain all logos in the necessary formats. For convenience, we provide the "Mobis" logo separately in several formats:

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