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Schedule of Seminars of the START Project
Interfaces and Free Boundaries:

02.02.2012 Dr. Lisa Santos (University of Minho, Portugal)
Quasi-variational solutions for scalar conservation laws with gradient constraint
15:00, SR 11.33, Heinrichstr. 36
20.01.2012 Tao Wu (KFU Graz)
A Nonconvex TV^q-Model in Image Restoration
11:00, SR 25.03, ground floor, Mozartgasse 14
28.10.2011 Dr. Gunay Dogan (National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST))
A fast Lagrangian algorithm for image segmentation with the Mumford-Shah functional
10:15, SR 11.34, Heinrichstr. 36
06.04.2011 Daniel Marahrens (University of Cambridge)
On the nonlinear Schrodinger equation with rotation term
15:15, HS 25.11, Mozartgasse 14/1.OG
24.03.2011 Andreas Langer (RICAM Linz)
Domain Decomposition for Total Variation Minimization
14:30, SR 25.03, Mozartgasse 14/EG
04.02.2011 Dr. Jooyoung Hahn (KFU Graz)
A Fast Algorithm for Euler's Elastica Model Using Augmented Lagrangian Method
14:30, SR 25.03, Mozartgasse 14/EG
03.12.2010 Dr. Carlos N. Rautenberg (KFU Graz)
A Distributed Parameter Approach to Optimal Filtering with Mobile Sensor Networks
11:00, SR 25.03, Mozartgasse 14/EG
14.10.2010 Daniel Kraft
A Measure Theoretic Approach to Image Segmentation Framed in Terms of Intensities
12:30, HS 25.11, Mozartgasse 14, 1st floor
19.03.2010 Prof. Chiu-Yen Kao (Ohio State University, USA)
Numerical Methods for Capturing Non-classical Shock Solutions of the Modified Buckley-Leverett Equation
13:00, SR 25.02, Mozartgasse 14, ground floor
15.09.2009 Farid Bozorgnia (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Schweden)
Numerical algorithms for spatial segregation of competitive systems
10:30, SR 11.34, Heinrichstr. 36
28.07.2009 Dr. Heiko Andrä (ITWM Kaiserslautern)
Topology optimization for castings using a level-set method
11:00, HS 11.02, Heinrichstr. 36
23.07.2009 Prof. Serguei Nazarov (Russian Academy of Science)
The Eshelby theorem and the problem on optimization of a patch
11:00, SR 11.32, Heinrichstr. 36
14.07.2009 Prof. Raymond Chan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
A Unified Tight-frame Approach for Missing Data Recovery in Images
15:00, SR 11.34, Heinrichstr. 36
01.07.2009 Prof. Yin Zhang (Rice University, Houston)
Sparse Solution Recovery via L1-minimization: Theory, Models, and Algorithms
11:00, HS 11.02, Heinrichstr. 36
16.06.2009 Dr. Angela Mihai (University of Cambridge, UK)
A ifinite element procedure for the rigorous determination of lower and upper bounds in the limit load analysis of block structures
13:45, SR 11.33, Heinrichstr. 36
19.03.2009 Prof. Chiu-Yen Kao (Department of Mathematics, The Ohio State University)
Shape Optimization on Elliptic Eigenvalue Problems
15:30, SR 11.34, Heinrichstr. 36
Special seminar (90 min)
Dr. Massimo Fornasier, (Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM), Linz)
A closer look to compressed sensing, sparse recovery, and generalizations
10:30, HS 11.02, Heinrichstr. 36
26.02.2009 Dr. Massimo Fornasier, (Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM), Linz)
Compressive Algorithms. Adaptive Solutions of PDEs and Variational Problems.
15:00, HS 11.02, Heinrichstr. 36
23.02.2009 Doc. Ing. Jiri Outrata, DrSc. (Czech Academy of Sciences)
On the Implicit Programming Approach for a Class of MPECs
15:00, HS 11.02, Heinrichstr. 36
19.01.2009 Prof. Ke Chen (University of Liverpool)
On fast multilevel algorithms for nonlinear variational imaging models
15:30, SR 11.34, Heinrichstr. 36
24.06.2008 Dr. Alexey Chernov (ETH-Zürich)
Nonlinear problems under small uncertain perturbations
15:00, SR 11.34, Heinrichstr. 36
17.10.2007 Andreas Günther
Goal-oriented adaptive concepts for elliptic optimal control problems in the presence of control and state constraints
10:15, SR 11.34, Heinrichstr. 36

Previous seminars of Interfaces and Free Boundaries

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