• Karl Kunisch ( is the head of our group. He works on inverse- and control problems for partial differential equations.
  • Alfio Borzi ( works on numerical methods for partial differential equations and control problems.
  • Michael Hintermüller (michael.hintermueller"at" works on optimization and inverse problems.
  • Stephen Keeling ( works on image processing and registration in medical imaging.
  • Wolfgang Ring ( works on inverse problems.
  • Stefan Volkwein ( works on control problems for nonlinear differential equations.

  • Slim Chaabane ( works on inverse problems.
  • Jamel Ferchichi ( works on inverse problems.
  • Victor A. Kovtunenko ( works on crack problems in elasticity.
  • Roland Griesse ( works on parametric optimal control problems.
  • Georg Stadler ( works on variational inequalities in mechanics.
  • Lei Xie ( works on suboptimal control strategies for fluids.

Former Members:

  • Juan Carlos de los Reyes worked on optimal control of fluids.
  • Anka Ignat worked on suboptimal control strategies.
  • Xavier Marduel worked on the numerical simulation of viscoelastic fluids.
  • Yulian Spasov worked on optimal control of fluids.
  • Michael Hinze

last changed: 2/8/2006