Installation guide for the course material
in the book by Douglas/Haase/Langer

Yale, April 11  2003

  1. Download the course material and the installation script.

  3. Unpack the data:

  4. >  chmod +x install
    >  ./install all

    The course material is available in subdirectory Doc by
    >  netscape Doc/index.html  &

    The example files are stored in Example and the provided solution is stored in Solution .

  5. Although it is not necessary for homogeneous clusters, you should set the environment variable archi to one of the suggestions given by the install script.

  7. Try out the solutions :

  8. > cd Solution
    > make all
    > make test

    If compilers, flags or libraries are not found then you should adapt the appropriate macros in Example/ and Solution/ to your system specifications.
    Some problems may occure  if the mpi-daemon is  not running or the network is not booted.

  9. Try also the parallel multigrid solver with a simple graphic

  10. >  cd Solution/mgparc_i
    >   make graph
If you have problems or questions, please contact  Gundolf Haase.