Computer Organization I --WS 10/11


Working Groups

  1. low-energy PC with Atom/Ion or similar processor (Linux compatibility!)  [yyy EUR]:

  2. Radeon-PC with High end Radion GPU and core i7-970 [yyy EUR]:]: 
    Take care that the GPU fan frequency can be controlled by Ubuntu Linux.
    The PC have to be place in a an office, i.e. use low noise components. (configurations)
  3. Nehalem Server (dual board / quad board) : [bbb EUR]: 
    Investigate 3 different configurations
    (A)  PC with single socket board  for (8-core) Nehalem with high end Radion GPU (noise !?) and zz GB
    (B)  PC or (1U rack mount system) dual socket board  for (8-core) Nehalem + Radion GPU (noise !?)
    (C) 1U or 3U rack mount system with quadruple socket board  for  (8-core) Nehalem +GPUs.


3.000 EUR:  from the faculty  + xxxx EUR Inst.

Check list compatibilities:

Integration of the computer into the university network:

Potential Processors

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