WS 16/17: Projects in Ph.D. seminar HPC-I

  1. Sebastian Engel: Talk 1, Talk 2, Report
    "Optimal Control of the Wave Equation with BV-Functions"
    Lit: FeniCS,
  2. Stefan Hofmeister: Talk 1, Talk 2, Report
    "Active Contours without Edges: Segmentation of Coronal Holes"
    Highlight: sequ. 2x faster; additional 8x faster with 16 CPU threads, 36x faster with 64 KNL threads
  3. Peter Leitner: Talk 1, Talk 2, Report
    "Solution of the (1+1)-D Dirac Equation on a staggered grid"
    Highlight: python --> Fortran(500 times)+OpenMP 1000x faster
    Lit: ParaReal [Gander], MGRIT [Falgout]
  4. Patrick Schiffmann: Talk 1, Talk 2, Report
    "RBF Interpolation for Mesh Deformation"
    Highlight: 4x faster

March 27, 2017