WS 11/12: Projects in Ph.D. seminar HPC-I

  1. Patrick Ditz: talk 1, talk2, report
    "PCG-AMG solver for Elasticity on the GPU"
    (Lit: )
  2. Florian Hanzer: talk_2, report
    "Spatial interpolation of scattered geographic data"
    (Lit: Thrust 1.5)
  3. Markus Hopfer: talk 1, talk_2, report
    "The Ghost-Gluon System of Yang-Mills Theory"
    (Lit: )
  4. Andreas Kucher: talk2, report, code
    "Comparing Many–core Accelerator Frameworks"
    (Lit: PGI-Fortran pragmas, HMPP)
  5. Michael Reisecker: talk 1, report
    "Parallel computing in the Potts–model"
    (Lit: )
  6. Andreas Windisch: talk 1, talk_2, report, new speedup
    "A numerical investigation of the analytic structure of scalar glueball operators"
    (Lit: Fortran; FFT)

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