WS 10/11: Projects in Ph.D.s seminar HPC-I

  1. Aichmayr, Anna and Dauschan, Markus:   Talk (movie), Report
    "Evolution of genome based Embryos in 2D"
    (Lit: Thrust 1.3 and slides, genetic alg.?)
  2. Annyeva, Serbiniyaz: Talk, Report
    "Path following that requires pde-solvers"
    (Lit: CUSPARSE, iterative solvers, [hierarchical PC])
  3. Blank, Martina:
    "Quantum and spin state configurations"
    (Lit: PGI-Fortran)
  4. Boillod Cerneux, France: Talk, Report
    "GPU-PetSC for neutrino transport equations"
    (Lit: )
  5. Chen, Chao: Report
  6. Delgado, Ydalia del Pilar: Talk, Report
    "Random number generation in ...... simulations/calculations"
    (Lit: CURAND)
  7. Engel, Georg::
    "A new algorithm for a spin model in Quantum chronodynamics (QCD)"
    (Lit: CUBLAS)
  8. Fürtinger, Stefan: Talk, Report
    "PetSC on GPU: available preconditioners and performance comparison with CPU"
    (Lit: )
  9. Holler, Martin: Talk, Report
    "Totel Variation based JPEG decompression model"
    (Lit: large scale FFT)
  10. Huber, Niko: :
    "Transformation of data from geodesy"
    (Lit: )
  11. Reiterer, Stefan: Talk, Report (pdf)
    "Scientific Computing with Python on GPUs"
    (Lit: Cython(MPI), PyOpenCL, PyCUDA)
  12. Schröck, Mario:  Talk, Report   (news [June 15, 2011]); Paper in 2013
    "Gauge fixing (maximation problem)"

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