Spezialforschungsbereich "Optimierung und Kontrolle"
Heinrichstraße 22,   A-8010 Graz (Austria)
Tel: +43 316 380-5730,     FAX: +43 316 380-9795
E-mail: optcon@uni-graz.at

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The Special Research Center F 003 "Optimization and Control" is now at the end of the second period and is applying for funding of a third and last period. The basic overall objectives for the center are still the same as stated originally in the proposal for creating the center. Also the specific feature of this center to combine groups working in applied mathematics with groups from applied sciences will be preserved. Over the years the application component of the center developed towards applications dominantly in physiology and medicine. The applied subprojects proposed for the next period are all positioned in these areas. Already now it can be seen (and is specified in the progress report for the past period) that this center will have a lasting and determining influence on applied mathematics and its interaction with applications in physiology and medicine in Graz.

Franz Kappel

The SRC F-003 is supported by the Austrian Science Fund

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