Representation Theory Days in Zurich

November 27-29, 2008, FIM (ETHZ)


Philippe Caldero (Lyon)
Giovanna Carnovale (Padova)
Alberto De Sole (Roma & Harvard)
Jan Draisma (Eindhoven)
David Hernandez (Versailles)
Friedrich Knop (Erlangen)
Peter Littelmann (Cologne)
Alexander Premet (Manchester)
Jan Schroeer (Bonn)
Wolfgang Soergel (Freiburg i. Br.)
Oksana Yakimova (Erlangen).


Information for guests (directions, hotel) can be found on local information.

The Department of Mathematics is located in the main building: main building.
Trams 6 and 10 or Polybahn from Central which is near the main train station. Tram 9 from Bellevue.
For more details please consult: public transport.

The talks will be held in room HG G19.1 (main building, G floor, the 2nd floor): lecture room
(the room is the lower half of room 19 in the upper left corner).

Registration: From 1pm in font of the room HG G19.1.

Karin Baur
Anne Moreau